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“It was great to have someone to motivate and encourage me, your positive influence really helped me to recognise my achievements and potential”.

Youth Coaching with NLP

Turning dreams into reality

“I found Sharon Lawton’s talk really liberating and inspirational. I came out thinking ‘I can do this’ and will put into practice the positive affirmations and what I learned about ‘Power Poses’ to help me get the job I want in the future.”

Imogen Sydes, Year 13 Robert Barclay Academy, Hoddesdon.



If you are reading this, then  I guess you or your family have recommended looking at

coaching as a way forward to support you at this stage in your life.


Coaching is a positive, solution-focused approach which builds lifelong tools and self-awareness

to stay in charge of your personal well-being.  Together we will look at building powerful

"mini-habits" to supercharge your success.  


By identifying new positive "mini-habits" it's easier to get started, and, once started, more often

than not you will exceed your personal goal or smash your personal challenge area. 

You will also learn amazing things about yourself in the process.


Also during our series of coaching sessions, you will discover and learn many things about

yourself; your strengths and values, establish solution building skills, identify how to overcome

obstacles, focus on decision-making skills, learn how to set realistic goals, and boost your

self-confidence.  We will also look at an amazing way of understanding yourself and others to

help you understand who you are and why you and others, think and act the way we do.   We do this using a strategy and tool called DISC. 


DISC is a fun way of looking at our style of personality and a way of understanding what makes you different from some people and similar to others.  I look forward to meeting you.


Examples of areas for investing in Youth Coaching include:-


  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • Anxiety

  • Fears and phobias

  • Confidence in exams

  • Interview and communication skills

  • Anger and conflict resilience



"Seeing Sharon has really helped me to control my anger and look at things in a more positive way. Now that I have been using the strategies that Sharon has taught me, the people who tried to wind me up have got bored of me ignoring them and have now stopped.  I would really recommend Sharon's coaching as it has helped me a lot."

Name withheld aged 14 male, Bishops Stortford November 2018


"I have just completed a six week confidence coaching package with Sharon, it has really helped me to boost my confidence. I have learnt many tips and tricks that have really helped me to understand my self better, and apply techniques that have helped me to remain calm, through mindfulness, breathing, positive affirmations and body stances."

Lina, Age 17 - July 2018


"Thank you so much for today it was the boost I really needed, was so nice to see you! Thanks as well for the DISC stuff, you really have helped me so much over the past few months, I've learned more about myself than I ever imagined so thank you!

I will let you know how everything goes and keep in touch, and thanks again I really can't say it enough!"  

Mia Springer A Level Student May 2017


We can either coach with young people on a 1:1 basis during the school day at school or at our Broxbourne coaching premises in the evening or Saturday mornings.  I hold a full DBS check and I am mental health first aid (Youth) trained.

If offered at School, the school just need to ensure they can provide a suitable private space where the young person will feel comfortable about not being overheard.


We also support schools to set up and deliver nurture groups, where we are able to deliver a group resilience and wellbeing coaching programme for up to 6 students per cohort.  Please see our schools page or contact us directly for more information.


 "Dear Sharon, Thank you so much for your excellent coaching for my daughter.  I know it has helped per a lot.  She is a much happier girl now than when she started 3 months ago, I believe she will practice her anchoring when she is in better form, as well as the many other tools and strategies you have provided her

Thanks again. I would highly recommend your coaching to any parent, and if any parent wants a recommendation I would be very happy to talk to them" Angela (Parent  - November 2018)


"Dear Sharon, I loved today’s Monday moment!

 I just wanted to let you know "XX"is doing really well and is happy to wait until after our holiday to see you again.

She did her half marathon in 2hrs 56 mins last weekend and is really chuffed (You will be hearing from her on this!).

Her eating has remained good post run. She has auditioned for a part in the school musical next year and her confidence generally is improving.

 You have certainly helped her manage her responses to what life throws at her.

 Thank you SO much Sharon from the bottom of my heart."  Debbie (Parent - August 2017)


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