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Building Resilience and Understanding Conflict

A unique workshop designed for teams and individuals wanting to increase their understanding of anger and their ability to deal with conflict and challenging clients.
This bespoke interactive session designed by Sharon Lawton will provide you with the tools, skills and knowledge necessary to work with anger and conflict more confidently.
At a glance: This unique and inspiring workshop encourages people to understand what anger is, dispel some myths about anger, identify the signs of anger in yourself and others, recognise various styles of anger and conflict and look at different behaviour styles. 

Sharon - this was one of the best courses I have been on in my 8 years in this work. I have received so many strategies from today that I know I will be able to practically use and with great impact.

Rosemary Inskipp - Schools Partnership Manager, May 2016

Kings Langley

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The session will enable delegates to learn skills to improve relationships and communication and encourage positive responses within the team environment and when supporting others.
 Benefits to you and your organisation:
  • Practical skills and tools to build confidence and understanding of anger
  • Strengthen relationships with and improve how we respond to challenging clients
  • Improved team work and a more supportive workplace
  • Develop assertive behaviour and active listening skills
  • Develop simple strategies for dealing with challenging situations and people
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