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'We were introduced to Sharon via one of our trustees about 6 months ago and from the moment we met Sharon we knew that we were meeting a professional with both the expertise and a natural flair for presentation. Sharon has delivered to parents, students and our staff and offers uncomplicated tools to enable young people, parents and staff to tackle poor mental health and promote positive mental health. Without a shadow of a doubt, we will be asking Sharon to come back to us at regular intervals in the future'

Toby Eager-Wright Deputy Headteacher Monk's Walk School - Welwyn Garden City

June 2020

I enjoyed the last course. I really feel you have given me an amazing array of tools and strategies to use. It was reassuring to hear other parents stories about their families who have similar issues. I feel very inspired by you Sharon - you have such an encouraging, lovely presence and your coaching skills are excellent.

Parent - Essex

May 2020

I wanted to thank you for the coaching you have done with my daughter.  She has had some really bad panics and couldn’t leave the house, and couldn’t take part in trampolining so great that she recognised what she needed to do.

Super proud of her today as she took part in trampolining as soon as we got there and I spotted her chatting to a few girls.  Thanks for today it was just what was needed.

Name withheld parent of girl aged 11 - Hertford

November 2019

Hi Sharon,

I just wanted to write and thank you so much for the help you have given us over the past few months.  When we look back at this time last year "XX" was having a tantrum lasting over an hour every day and we were all shouting too much and incredibly stressed and miserable about the whole situation. 

"XX" hated getting so angry and we were at our wits end as to how to move forward.  This term, despite "XX" doing hugely increased hours at school "XX" is coping incredibly well.  We haven't had a tantrum in months.  No doubt part of it is down to "XX" being that bit older but I am certain that a huge contributing factor is the work that we have both done with you.  We have both benefited hugely from the calming techniques that we looked at and understanding how our brains work and realising that we can try to get the thinkers to take control rather than letting the feelers take over. 

"XX" really took on board everything that you have said and we are so incredibly proud of how "XX" now handles emotions and worries.  The transformation really is staggering and as a family we are all so much happier and enjoy family life so much more.  


This year had the potential to give "XX" confidence a huge knock as they have a different teacher for each subject and the hours increase hugely.  The confidence building sessions have helped "XX" enormously to be brave in class and put hand up even though "XX" still struggles academically. 

This is amazing as "XX" usually loses at least a term before "XX" is brave enough and this was when "XX" had one teacher for all subjects so we are so happy "XX" is feeling so settled so quickly.  


I honestly can't thank you enough for the help you have given us.  I truly believe these may be the most important life skills that "XX" could possibly have learnt at such a young age and the techniques, understanding and confidence "XX" has gained will be hugely valuable for the rest of "XX's" life; in all aspects of life and for us too as parents and people as we have learnt as much as "XX" has.


I think the work that you do with children, parents and families is the most important type of work.  Our mental health is such a fragile thing and understanding how our brain works and learning techniques to manage our anger and emotions is such an incredibly positive thing.  I genuinely believe every child and every family can benefit from the work you do as for us it has, without a shadow of a doubt, been life changing and worth every penny.  


I feel incredibly fortunate that we were in a position to have been able to invest in our time with you and have such a positive outcome.  

A huge huge thank you again,

Parent - name withheld

October 2019

Hi Sharon, please excuse the length of time to reply - 

We are very proud of J’s progress and how far he has come since his coaching sessions with you. There has been a noted improvement by us and his school with his attitude to school and the more positive way he deals with difficult situations. 

Before school broke up for Christmas he asked the head of P.E if he could be in the football team when they returned to school. The head of P.E said yes if he tried hard at training. I’m pleased to inform you that he is now in the B-team for football with his first match tomorrow. He couldn’t wait to tell me when he got home yesterday!   Thanks so much for your help.

Parent of male aged 14 male, Bishops Stortford

January 2019

Seeing Sharon has really helped me to control my anger and look at things in a more positive way. Now that I have been using the strategies that Sharon has taught me, the people who tried to wind me up have got bored of me ignoring them and have now stopped.

I would really recommend Sharon's Coaching as it has helped me a lot.’ 

Name withheld aged 14 male, Bishops Stortford

November 2018

 Dear Sharon, Thank you so much for your excellent coaching for my daughter.  I know it has helped per a lot.  She is a much happier girl now than when she started 3 months ago, I believe she will practice her anchoring when she is in better form, as well as the many other tools and strategies you have provided her

Thanks again. I would highly recommend your coaching to any parent, and if any parent wants a recommendation I would be very happy to talk to them

Angela - Parent Rickmansworth

November 2018

I attended the free 'Confident Fathers Programme' in Spring 2018 delivered by Sharon Lawton and Claire Murray at Stansted Abbotts.  I found this course supportive and informative.  Sharon's knowledge and coaching style of delivery was excellent which helped to make a useless bloke into a (hopefully) better Dad in just a few weeks!  Learning to state consequences and choices rather than make threats has really improved our family's relationships.  I think more fathers would benefit from making the time to attend this type of course that was somehow able to cover a wide range of topics in a matter of fact style, whilst also being sensitive to the needs of the group.

Matt Barr - Father, Buntingford, Herts

March 2018

I have just completed a six week confidence coaching package with Sharon, it has really helped me to boost my confidence. I have learnt many tips and tricks that have really helped me to understand my self better, and apply techniques that have helped me to remain calm, through mindfulness, breathing, positive affirmations and body stances.

Lina - 17 Years old - Hertfordshire

July 2018

What was your favourite part of the workshop?

  • Learning power poses

  • Understanding the reptile brain

  • Making a monster worry box

  • Breathing exercises

What did you learn that can help you when you're worried

  • Always talk to someone or it will get worse

  • Put worries in a worry box

  • The power of breathing

  • Making a calming glitter jar

Feedback on Mastering your Inner Superhero Workshop - Students at Broxbourne Primary School

March 2018

Sharon spent a day in our school as part of our whole school theme week, entitled 'Healthy People, Healthy Planet'. We launched the week with a 'Healthy Mind' focus. During the day she delivered an informative and child friendly assembly, reminding us all that you are never too young to talk about mental health. Our Key Stage Two classes were treated to an excellent workshop which enabled the children to recognise why our brains and bodies can respond in a certain way when faced with stress, as well as teaching them some brilliant strategies to use to manage these feelings. Our pupils especially enjoyed doing their own 'Power Pose' and learning about the concept of 'burnt toast'. Sharon spoke about the issues of anxiety and resilience in a way that made these big topics accessible to the children, enabling them to feel empowered rather than afraid when faced with these feelings. Sharon also delivered a parent workshop, which enabled our parents to learn more about how to talk about to their children about mental health. It was a pleasure to welcome Sharon into our school and we would happily work with her again in the future. 

Camp School, St Albans

March 2018

Dear Sharon, I love today’s Monday moment!

 I just wanted to let you know "XX" is doing really well and is happy to wait until after China to see you again.

She did her half marathon in 2hrs 56 mins last weekend and is really chuffed (You will be hearing from her on this!).

Her eating has remained good post run. She has auditioned for a part in the school musical next year and her confidence generally is improving.

 You have certainly helped her manage her responses to what life throws at her.

 Thank you SO much Sharon from the bottom of my heart."

Debbie - Parent, Watford, Herts

Feb 2018

My daughter sailed through her GCSEs stress-free.  A-levels brought exam anxiety she hadn’t experienced before, mainly around one subject. 


In tests at school she would go blank, feel very agitated and panicky and be unable to complete the paper, but at home she could complete the same paper without any difficulty.  Her anxiety increased and she became very doubtful of her own abilities. 


We knew we had to do something to help her and so I spoke to Sharon whom I had met on a parenting course about understanding teenagers (fantastic course, I now understand why my 14 year old does what he does!!).

My daughter was keen to meet Sharon as she realised she was unlikely to pass her exams the way she was currently feeling.  She had an open mind but was slightly sceptical too as her mind-set had left her feeling quite negative. 


Her sessions with Sharon have made a huge difference.  She has become much more self-aware, knowing what ‘makes her tick’.  She has strategies to keep anxiety at a low level and has learnt to read her body so she is aware of early indicators of increasing anxiety and can deal with it.  Previously she was unaware of her anxiety until it was at ‘melt down’ level. 

She has also learnt more about her personality type and now understands why she thinks and responds in the way she does and feels more confident and comfortable in herself.

We are in the midst of A-level revision and exams and my daughter said to me “I haven’t had a melt down for ages!” 


She hasn’t.  She is calm and organised and looking forward to her long summer after exams and university in September. 


We can’t thank Sharon enough for her help, support, understanding and encouragement.  She has made such a positive impact not just on my daughter’s exam anxiety but on her self-confidence and self-esteem too.  Thank you!

Sara Springer Parent of Mia Springer - Watford Herts

Jan 2018

I found Sharon Lawton’s talk really liberating and inspirational. I came out thinking ‘I can do this’ and will put into practice the positive affirmations and what I learnt about ‘Power Poses’ to help me get the job I want in the future.

Imogen Sydes, March 2017

City, State

Hey Sharon,

Since I got your text on Tuesday it’s really made me think about what I have found most helpful keep me on track with all the progress I made whilst seeing you. I think that overall the ‘rage gauge’ has been the most helpful and the thing that I refer to the most. I keep it right next to my bed and it helps me to remember which strategies I find most helpful in different situations. I also have a photo of it on my phone so that I can refer to it when I’m at school! However it’s not something my friends know about and I can use my strategies all the time without them noticing so it’s not ever embarrassing. Lots of the time when I’m feeling bad I will just use to rage gauge to remind myself to adjust my body language, use the 7/11 breathing and then challenge my critical voice with the ‘stop,stop,stop’ method. I do this all of the time at school and people have no idea!!!

Another thing that has helped me a lot is the ANTs journal. I use this less but if I’ve had a bad day I will sit down and fill in the journal sheet and it often helps me to see that I’ve over exaggerated a situation or that I’ve made it seem much worst in my head. Also lots of the time I find that after writing it down it’s easier to stop thinking about it and move on.


Finally, I think that the idea of having my remote control has helped me lot. Just always remembering that I’m in charge of how I what to feel and stopping myself from letting other people determine how I feel.

17 Year Old Student - Name withheld

City, State

We were recommended to Sharon Lawton.  Our daughter had passed her 11+ with no coaching or tutoring.  We secured her place at the grammar school of her choice and decided to move closer to the school to cut down on travelling time for her.   Everything was going so well. We moved house and the very next day it was as though a light switch had been turned off for our daughter.  She became a worried and anxious girl and lost her happy personality.

The change had affected her so seriously that we realised after a short while that we needed help. Our daughter was reluctant to seek help but as a family we embraced the strategic thinking that Sharon taught us.  We used all the wonderful resources that Sharon provided and our daughter embraced the entire experience with the use of her own imagination and acceptance of the strategies that she was taught.  After only a few sessions our daughter was less anxious and less stressed. 

It has taken 6 months for our daughter to come back from the place that she so unexpectedly found herself.  The strategies have proved invaluable and as Sharon once told us " you cannot forget them once you have learnt them".  Our daughter knows what they are and how to use them if she needs them.  She is back to our girl, a bit of attitude at times but happy, funny, caring and excited about school and Christmas. We cannot thank Sharon enough for her support and guidance.  We could not have got through this unexpected crisis without her.  

Parent - name and address withheld Oct 2016

City, State

When we met Sharon our teenager was suffering from depression, not sleeping, continually withdrawn and considering ways to selfharm.  Our teenager hated everything about school, felt lonely and miserable and had no confidence around peers. 

The support we had eventually managed to access was unfortunately not helping at all and we felt desperate.  Immediately upon connecting with Sharon we felt a ray of hope creep in.

Our teenager quickly felt able to trust Sharon and liked the structured sessions that they undertook, appreciating the visual aids and metaphors that helped in applying new strategies in difficult situations. 

Sharon was continually positive and encouraging towards all of us.  Gradually, things began to shift and we started to see improved confidence, an ability to keep going to school and enthusiasm for getting back into social situations.  Sleep improved and laughter returned. 

Thank you Sharon for believing in our young person and helping to unlock all that amazing potential.

Parent - name and address withheld July 2016

City, State

Sharon - this was one of the best courses I have been on in my 8 years in this work. I have received so many strategies from today that I know I will be able to practically use and with great impact.

Rosemary Inskipp - Schools Partnership Manager, May 2016

City, State

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the 6 week Anger course over at Stevenage. The facilitators were amazing; friendly, approachable, understanding, non-judgemental and funny. I wasn't expecting much from the course, but I wanted to give it a go for my family. I was completely surprised that I was hooked after the first session. I have learned so much to help myself and more importantly to help my family. I didn't think I needed help, but your course showed me that I could improve on my own reactions. 

Thank you once again

Lynn Culver - Parent, March 2016

City, State


We commissioned Sharon and Natural Flair to work with us to facilitate nurture sessions for a group of teenage boys who had disengaged with learning. The sessions were well planned and well structured and school staff were impressed with the quality of resources and clear approach. Most impressively, Sharon was flexible with our requests, tailor making the course to suit school needs and the personal requirements of the students involved.


The school were kept fantastically well informed of the progress made. The parenting groups which ran alongside the nurture group offered families a valuable source of support. As a result of the sessions, the students have developed some much needed strategies for dealing with the unexpected nature of teenage life. Equally, the school have been able to develop a sustainable programme which means that future students will have the opportunity to share in this excellent practice.

We would wholeheartedly recommend others to work alongside Sharon and Natural Flair in offering support for vulnerable students

Layla Price SENCO and Deputy Headteacher at Birchwood High School – June 2015

City, State

I attended the parenting a child with additional needs course at Hurst drive school for the last 7 weeks. I would like to express my thanks to both Nicola Price and Carol Leslie for holding such an informative course. They were fab and made me feel so welcome. They listened to my opinion, never judged when someone had a problem and they genuinely cared.


I have learnt so much during my time there and without sounding dramatic, it has changed my family life! When I joined I had no confidence in parenting my 6 year old son, who has dyspraxia, ADHD and ASD. To be honest I was at my wits end and felt so alone. I was nervous about what to expect on this course as this was the first thing I've done since leaving school. But from the minute I walked through the doors Nicola and Carol and all the other parents were so welcoming!


My house has gone from a ticking time bomb to a calm and enjoyable place to be. The techniques that I was taught helped me understand my sons behaviour in a way that I had never thought!


I have achieved so much personally since starting the course as its gave me the confidence to go out and deal with situations instead of feeling afraid of them! I now take my son swimming every weekend (something that was a disaster before), I enjoy the time I spend with him and I'm so much more patient! It's even helped me deal better with my teenage son who doesn't have additional needs! 

It's still hard but I feel I've learnt so much and I'm so grateful that this was recommend to me through CHEXS.

Brilliant course, brilliant ladies!

I can not recommend this course enough!


Jo Lincoln - Nov 2015

City, State

Just wanted to say a huuuuge thank you to the lovely Sharon Lawton at Natural Flair. After some very tough times I battled and struggled to get help unsuccessfully due to long lists and lack of public funds.  Now been put in touch with a family therapist and looking forward to taking steps to fixing my family. Thank u Sharon for caring. You're a

Helen Roberts - Mar 2015

City, State

I have been on a 10 week programme with Natural Flair.  It was a warm and welcoming fun group to be part of, as a separated Dad myself it has made me have so much more confidence and knowledge to enable me to be the best role model as a father to my young daughter.
It furthers your skills as a parent in a fun way to interact with your children and all learn as a family unit, every class I attend I learn new techniques to being a great parent, I would strongly advise more DAD's to get booked on the next course, it's very eye opening and structured to help you make good choices for your child's needs and development, It will honestly make you a better parent all round and with Sharon and Vicky's guidance you will become a even better Father for your children's future upbringing and happiness.

Philip Holder - Feb 2015

City, State

I just wanted to write to you all to tell you that I attended the course last week and can not speak highly enough of the training. In fact I would say it is the best training I have done in a very long time. The coaches are dynamic and knowledgeable and I came away feeling that I had really learned something new and had gained new tools to do an even better job

Teacher - Jan 2014

City, State

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