For this edition of our "diary" Vicky writes for us again.

Her theme - well, with Mother's Day looming her thoughts are of her own mother and her reflections on that!




Mother's Day.

The thing about that for me is that if you are lucky enough to have your mum in your life then one day to celebrate that fact just doesn't cut it.  If you have suffered that life altering loss, it makes you feel that you have nothing to celebrate at all.


It is in my opinion that our Mum's should be celebrated every day by us all, and for me, here's why........


Mum knows best! Even when she doesn't she will tell you what she thinks regardless of whether or not you want to hear it!


I for one love that about my mum.  She's ballsy and forthright but when I get it wrong, she doesn't say 'I told you so' - she's great at letting me make my own mistakes. And she loves me anyway.


Nobody's cooking tastes like mums!!!      In my family, my cousins and I always marvel at how nobody made a ham sandwich like their mum - or burnt an oven chip her way either come to think of it!


Her efforts in the kitchen shaped our childhoods.   My kids can tell the difference between my chicken casserole and Nanny's - it's her recipe but I swear, I make it NO differently! But there's something about my Mum's efforts that are like her calling card.


Mum's are human too. I only realised this in early adulthood I think. First heartbreak, starting jobs, childbirth, marriage, separation, divorce, loss, raising my own little humans.


Those experiences made me see my own mum differently;

  • As a trend-setter - I wish I was brave enough to rock a pixie crop the way my mum did in her 20's!!!

  • As a woman - one who loved and lost and found love again.

  • As someone who wanted a family, tried for a family and spent a long time waiting for my sister and me, enduring all the highs and lows that accompanied that.

  • As a daughter herself, with parents whom she loves and cherishes and respects.

  • As a woman who had spent all her life learning and growing into the person I see before me everyday.

She continues to be tested and challenged and she is brave and spirited and capable.


Becoming a Mum is an eye opener. You can't help but respect that woman on a whole new level!   IT'S HARD BEING A MUM! ;) But suddenly you know how it feels for her to love you, because you can't imagine loving anything more than that baby of your own. It's overwhelming and awe inspiring. 


I've only get one mum.   We won't agree on everything.   I will feel frustrated at times (she never tells her Grandchildren NO!!!)  


She has strong opinions and sometimes she's as subtle as a sledgehammer. But nobody loves me like her. And if you are fortunate enough to have been touched by a fabulous female figure - be it biologically or otherwise - then you will, like me, continue being touched and influenced by her all your life long.


Whether they are here in the physical or are kept safe close to your heart. We are all connected in that very special love.


And to my own Mum (who will probably never read this because she is useless with computers/technology/internet/her mobile phone etc etc) I love you endlessly, in all your forms, everyday, for always....Your Youngest xxxx 


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