It's 2016 - Ch-Ch-Changes!


A very insightful friend of mine told me at the turn of this year that 2016 was 'the year for changing lives'.  With this revelation I went home and got the bathroom scales out, reorganised the kitchen cupboards and dug out my trainers!  I was ready for it!  A brand new me! 


Within days I found myself taking the Christmas tree down and getting out my son's school uniform ready to start the new school term and I suddenly felt those January blues creeping in. 


School was starting again and much as I wouldn't miss my role as referee between my three and five year olds, I suddently realised all the things I would miss!

I would miss our carefree no clock watching days together, that I had started to take for granted.

I would actually miss having them BOTH around all day.  No school runs, breakfasts that turn into brunch, the constant hum of voices and laughter and yes, I might even miss their 'passionate exchanges' over new toys and who had what first!  


We always think about self improvement and setting goals at the beginning of a new year, which don't get me wrong, is no bad thing, I am an aspiring coach afterall!  But maybe this year it would be even better if we all committed in some small way to nurturing and growing our families sense of well being and well....togetherness?  Mix things up a bit!  Challenge ourselves and role within the family in new ways! 


Because don't misunderstand me, firmer thighs and a lesser muffin top post Christmas would be a very welcome change for me personally, but my biggest investment this year I’ve decided will be them.  Those two little people who marvelled at all the twinkling lights and left food out for hungry reindeer and who oooohed and ahhhhhed on Christmas morning putting the hugest smile on my face.  Those two little people who reminded me of the importance to stop and just enjoy the moment.  Who reminded me how important “time together is.


In 2016 there will be no fad resolutions from me only a commitment to better the lives of my family and look after my own.  If you could make one change that would change the lives of your family for the better this year, what might it be?  And now ask yourself this.....why not, what’s stopping me committing to that right now?”



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