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The "Do It Differently" - Building Resilience Programme

Programme Outline
  • Practical skills and tools to build confidence and resilience in students and staff
  • An understanding of emotional well-being for both students and staff    -Enable delegates to be better equipped to support students with emotional intelligence
  • Develop assertive responses and active listening skills when working with students
  • Learn tools to build resilience and emotional health in your students
  • Learn tools to teach students assertiveness skills and resilience
  • Discover a range of skills, techniques and strategies to empower students to think differently
  • Using NLP techniques to develop the ability look at things more positively
  • Understand why people behave and respond in particular ways
Course Outline
This unique and inspiring two-day coaching programme develops staff to understand how to embrace a nurture group culture in school and to deliver the 10-week Natural Flair "Do It Differently" Resilience Programme.
Based on the concept of Positive Psychology and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), this programme will equip staff to deliver a programme encouraging a different way of thinking and responding to events, thus building resilience and emotional wellbeing/intelligence in students.
Familiarity of all the resources needed to deliver the 10 week "Do It Differently" Resilience Programme to students in your school is also built into training. 
This programme includes;
  • a full scheme of work,
  • lesson plans,
  • all resources to deliver the programme and
  • support from Sharon Lawton during your first delivery
A CPD certificate will also be issued to each attendee.
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