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Natural Steps to Strong Resilient Families

This fun and interactive course has been designed to meet the needs of parents and carers facing the everyday challenge of parenting.  It also helps recognise when we are not feeling safe and provides skills and tools to enable us to take action and get help when we need it.

This practical and interactive course runs as six, two-hour sessions, focusing on different areas of emotional resilience, including dealing with conflict.  There are opportunities to try new techniques, tools and approaches with the support of our friendly and expert parent coaches. We advise attending all workshops to achieve maximum benefit.


Between sessions, you are encouraged to complete development techniques to consolidate learning.  


Areas covered include:

  • What it means to feel safe and how do we know?

  • Confidence, resilience and problem-solving skills

  • Why do we get triggered?  Our "unwritten rules"

  • Building and maintaining an effective support network

  • What is behind anger and how this impacts behaviour 

  • Communicating effectively with our family members

  • Dealing with stress and angry feelings

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