Natural Steps - A Six Week Protective Behaviours Programme

This is a 6-week programme with the core themes of protective behaviours running through the whole course.

It has been designed to meet the needs of parents and carers facing the everyday challenge of parenting.  It also shows the ability to recognise when we are not feeling safe and provides skills and tools to enable us to take action and get help when we need it based on protective behaviors.


This programme runs as 6 x two-hour sessions, focusing on different areas of emotional resilience,  including dealing with conflict.  Participants are advised to attend all workshops to achieve maximum benefit.   

Between sessions, you are encouraged to complete post session tasks to consolidate learning.  The course programme promotes positive parenting and the parent/child relationship.


Areas covered include:

  • Early warning signs

  • Self-esteem and wellbeing (building resilience)

  • Dealing with conflict and keeping safe

  • The importance of networks

  • The language of safety (communication)

  • Rights and Responsibilities

  • Causes of stress and anxiety

  • Practical strategies to relieve anxiety 

  • Protective Interrupting

  • Risking on purpose