Workshop - What is it with my Teen?   9th May 2020 - University of Hertfordshire

This 3 HOUR masterclass will give you the tools you need to support your teenager.

In this fun and inspiring session, we will cover areas relevant to parenting a teenager.

It aims to explore the key areas of adolescent behaviour and the latest research in neuro-science around the development of the teenage brain.  


Topics include:

  • To understand how and why this is a time of major change in your teenager and why that can affect behaviour

  • Research in how the brain grows and develops and why teens are more prone to risky behaviour and vulnerable to stress

  • To understand what motivates teens to do what they do!


Venue: Unversity Of Hertfordshire - De-Havilland Campus



Saturday Masterclass: What is it with my Teen? 9th May - Uni Of Herts

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