"The Child Puzzle"   Suitable for ages 8-12 years

Do you know whether your child is determined, influencing, warm-hearted or conscientious?  The DISC online child profile will enable you to understand your child's behaviour in a way you never have before. 

Explore the fancinating topic of personality and the psychology of behaviour through the "DISC" behaviour model.


This online profile will help you to understand;

  • The natural personality of your child through their traits and body language
  • Why they are who they are and why they do what they do!
  • What makes us click or clash
  • How to tell if you child is a “people person” or a “task person” and what  to do about it
  • How to motivate and encourage positive behaviour using their unique personality style
  • A full 15 page personal profile will be produce
  • Personalised Feedback session for you to understand your child's style

    The Child Puzzle Online DISC Personality Profile & Feedback Session


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