Building Happiness & Resilience In Change - Thurs 28th May 1pm - 2.30pm

Workshop Overview:

This  interactive online workshop has been developed by Sharon Lawton who specialises in self-esteem and resilience coaching as well as research in this area. This workshop aims to explore why resilience is essential to emotional well-being and how a parent can help. There are lots of strategies to take away to in your family to assist in building self-esteem and confidence

Why is developing resilience important?

  • Greater resilience leads to improved learning and academic achievement.
  • Resilience is related to lower absences from work or school due to sickness.
  • It contributes to reduced risk-taking behaviours.
  • Those with greater resilience tend to be more involved in the community and/or family activities.

Venue: Online using Zoom via you smartphone or laptop device

Building Happiness & Resilience In Change Online Workshop 28th May


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