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About Sharon
Sharon Lawton is an award-winning personal performance and NLP coach with a successful background in delivering conflict management, emotional wellbeing and resilience programmes.  She has a huge passion for motivation, empowerment and growth and is particularly interested in inspiring people to achieve their full potential
In 2015 she won International Parent Coach of the Year in The Coaching Academy International Coaching Awards, she is now a member of their coach trainer team where she delivers some of their accredited coach training diplomas and DISC Behaviour Profiling training days
Sharon and her team of associate coaches coach either 1:1 or with groups and specialise in self-esteem and assertiveness, parenting skills, motivational goal setting, anger/conflict management, relationships skills, emotional wellbeing and managing stress both in the family and in the workplace.


We were recommended to Sharon Lawton.  Our daughter had passed her 11+ with no coaching or tutoring.  We secured her place at the grammar school of her choice and decided to move closer to the school to cut down on travelling time for her.   Everything was going so well. We moved house and the very next day it was as though a light switch had been turned off for our daughter.  She became a worried and anxious girl and lost her happy personality.

The change had affected her so seriously that we realised after a short while that we needed help. Our daughter was reluctant to seek help but as a family we embraced the strategic thinking that Sharon taught us.  We used all the wonderful resources that Sharon provided and our daughter embraced the entire experience with the use of her own imagination and acceptance of the strategies that she was taught.  After only a few sessions our daughter was less anxious and less stressed. 

It has taken 6 months for our daughter to come back from the place that she so unexpectedly found herself.  The strategies have proved invaluable and as Sharon once told us " you cannot forget them once you have learnt them".  Our daughter knows what they are and how to use them if she needs them.  She is back to our girl, a bit of attitude at times but happy, funny, caring and excited about school and Christmas. We cannot thank Sharon enough for her support and guidance.  We could not have got through this unexpected crisis without her.


Parent, name withheld. 


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