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Hit the Pause Button - An Introduction to Mindfulness for Parents


This 2 hour practical and interactive workshop has been developed following research that shows that developing a mindfulness habit meets a great need for parents to find physical and mental calm in stressful times and situations.

This workshop aims to explore why mindfulness is essential to emotional well-being and how a parent can develop good habits both for them and their child.

Resources used to promote good adult education practice with a clear purpose and range of learning methods etc.  It also promotes positive parenting and the parent/child relationship.



Learning Outcomes & Workshop Objectives:

  • Look at the benefits of mindfulness in parenting

  • Discuss why mindfulness matters

  • Learn simple mindful activities that will help you and your child deal with things like anxiety, sleeplessness and improve concentration and a sense of calm in your lives

  • Experience some mindful activities with a selection of exercises and 1-minute tips to enable you to become mindful (even if you are too busy to be)!

  • Share easy and simple mindful activities to teach your children

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