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Confidence In Leadership - Supporting your SLT To Flourish and Grow (includes introduction to DISC - a model of human behaviour looking at how and why people act in certain ways) - SLT Training


During this unique and inspiring workshop, you will experience a day that will have a lasting impact.  You will leave with a deeper understanding of yourself and others, which will open up the doorway to effective communication.  The approach delivers key learning in an interactive and fun way.  Different from any other SLT training, the day builds to you achieving a solid action plan and toolbox to assist your medium to long-range goals, personally and professionally, and plans for their achievement.


Workshop Overview
  • Decide what direction you want to take in your team/school
  • Identify effective ways of building strengths in your team using SWOT Analysis
  • Discover ways to assess your own strengths and challenges
  • Discover and learn effective questioning skills to use with stakeholders
  • Take a fresh look at what your organisation is, what it does and how
  • Commit to a manageable action plan to maximise your likelihood of success
  • Supporting others in your team to grow to their full potential
During this unique and inspiring workshop you will learn and
experience that "Strategic thinking" is thinking about your
long range goals and the plans for their achievement. You will
be become part of a small group of successful people who
think about their long range goals: and build detailed written
plans. This is the essence of strategic thinking.
Using and experiencing fundamental coaching techniques, you will leave with a series of tools and techniques that will make a significant difference to your professional life and to those you support


A CPD certificate will be issued to each attendee
Come along and network with other professionals whilst enjoying a workshop designed to enable you to discover and implement life changing skills at work and in your personal life .
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