Parent Coaching and Information Sessions For Employers Supporting Their Working Parents


Natural Flair has worked with many employers including Shell UK and AVIVA developing initiatives supporting mothers, fathers and carers in the workplace.   These and many other companies have a vibrant Parent Network whose aim is to provide support for working parents through information sharing, networking and hosting parenting related workshops and seminars.

For you as an employer it is an opportunity for you to invest in your staff and add vision to your company establishing your reputation as an organisation that parents actively want to work for. By supporting parents in your work place you will empower them to achieve their full potential both in their personal and professional lives.


Natural Flair has delivered numerous lunchtime sessions for the parent network within Shell UK and more recently L&G Group and Aviva Insurance.



  • Supporting working parents in this way will help employees understand and cope with the pressures of their roles both at work and at home and as a result will be happier, healthier employees who want to stay.

  • Have an impact on your bottom line, as you will be more successful in attracting and retaining exceptional staff.


What We Offer

  • Interactive Lunchtime Seminars on Key Parenting Issues

  • One-to-one Parent Coaching Surgeries


Contact us now to discuss how Natural Flair can support you and your working parents either through lunchtime information session/seminars or through parent coaching surgeries.

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