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Parent Coaching and Information Sessions For Employers Supporting Their Working Parents


Natural Flair has worked with many employers including Shell UK and AVIVA developing initiatives supporting mothers, fathers and carers in the workplace.   These and many other companies have a vibrant Parent Network whose aim is to provide support for working parents through information sharing, networking and hosting parenting related workshops and seminars.

For you as an employer it is an opportunity for you to invest in your staff and add vision to your company establishing your reputation as an organisation that parents actively want to work for. By supporting parents in your work place you will empower them to achieve their full potential both in their personal and professional lives.


Natural Flair has delivered numerous lunchtime sessions for the parent network within Shell UK and more recently L&G Group and Aviva Insurance.



  • Supporting working parents in this way will help employees understand and cope with the pressures of their roles both at work and at home and as a result will be happier, healthier employees who want to stay.

  • Have an impact on your bottom line, as you will be more successful in attracting and retaining exceptional staff.


What We Offer

  • Interactive Lunchtime Seminars on Key Parenting Issues

  • One-to-one Parent Coaching Surgeries


Contact us now to discuss how Natural Flair can support you and your working parents either through lunchtime information session/seminars or through parent coaching surgeries.

The Child Puzzle - Mini lite bite session

(Understanding Personality and Behaviour)

This is a session with a difference.  Not feeling listened to is one of the most common complaints among parents I coach.  

Often what we don't understand about other people is what irritates us about them.  Everyone has their own unique personality, understanding what makes your child tick will really start to solve some of the issues around how you click and clash with your child.  


I share the initial secrets to the "child puzzle" . Together we will look at the fascinating world behind the psychology of behaviour using the personality/behaviour model "DISC".


This is also available as a 2 hour workshop and also part of our Saturday 3 hour masterclass series - check schedule for availability

The Balancing Act - Secrets of a Working Parent - Mini lightbite session

A light bite designed specifically for online or face to face "mini lite bite sessions"

Ever wondered how some parents manage to effectively glide through managing home and work life seamlessly?

This session will give you the key to creating YOUR work life balance

Handle Stress For Success - Being A Resilient Parent - Mini lightbite session

A light bite designed specifically for online or face to face "mini lite bite sessions"

As parents we seriously under estimate the impact that stress has on our lives and our ability to be the best parent we can be.  This mini 45 min session looks at the impact of stress and coaches you to put together ways to model stress to your children and become the resilient parent others want to be!  

The "Guilt Trip" That One Journey To Avoid - Mini lightbite session

A 45 min light bite designed specifically for online or face to face "mini lite bite sessions"

Did you know that 7 out of 10 mums feel guilty about being negative with their children when they are with them.  This session will help you to recognise the dis-empowering effect that guilt has and supports you to take action to say "goodbye to guilt"

The Love Languages Mystery mini litebite session

A light bite designed specifically for online or face to face "lunch and learn slots"

This unique 45 min session with the option of a short Q&A at the end takes you on journey to discover how for deeply connect with your family in a different way.

Understand what the 5 Love Languages are and why they are vitally important to the family life you want.

The Secrets to Better Behaved Children - Don't say Don't Mini lite bite session

This fun and inspiring masterclass looks at the power of language in parenting. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the impact of positive language in parenting

  • Looking at how positive language reinforces positive behaviour in children and builds confidence and self-esteem

  • Strategies and practical tips on taking the “No” out of their vocabulary and feeling more positive in our approach

It's Ok Not To Be Ok! Talking To Your Child About Mental Health

This session looks at why mental health and wellbeing is so important.  Research shows that we can learn skills to be happier and be aware that the choices we make about our actions, thinking patterns and attitude to life also play a vital role.

Packed full of strategies and ideas, this session will leave you empowered to have discussions with your child and your family to build happiness and ultimate wellbeing

Press the Pause Button - An Introduction to Mindfulness for Parents

This 2 hour practical and interactive workshop has been developed following research that shows that developing a mindfulness habit meets a great need for parents to find physical and mental calm in stressful times and situations.

This workshop aims to explore why mindfulness is essential to emotional well-being and how a parent can develop good habits both for them and their child.  The session is delivered by trained mindfulness practitioners 

Confident Parenting and How to be Confident Saying No. Also available at mini litebite

(Assertiveness Skills for Parents)

This masterclass runs for 2 hours and can also be adapted for a 45 min litebite session

  • Confidence is a funny thing - it means different things to different people.  During this coaching skills workshops we understand how we can become more assertive both in the way we talk and our physical actions, and how this will improve our confidence, family relationships and parenting skills. While experiencing coaching techniques with our award winning parent coach, Sharon will share tools allowing us to become the parent we want to be and bring harmony to our home.

Parenting Boys

This masterclass aims to explore the key areas of parenting boy and how & why boys are different. Topics covered include:

  • To understand how and why boys are different

  • Looking at how temperament affects behaviour

  • To understand what motivates boys to do what they do!

  • To look at some trouble shooting ideas around discipline

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