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DISCover Yourself And Others - Team Building Workshops using DISC profiling

Very enlightening – I have a better understanding of myself, the strengths of my team and also how to motivate them better. A very positive session – really well run and entertaining – a worthwhile day.

Bishop's Stortford

Children's Centre Manager

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More and more of us are recognising the many benefits that a motivated, confident and proactive team can bring.


Engaging each member of your team, each student or your parent community can often seem like an impossible task. There just aren't enough hours in the day to know how each individual likes to be communicated with, so we tend to “manage the masses” with the result that some are on board and others aren’t.

  • Imagine having a tool that that will unlock insight and provide a deeper understanding of each member of your team and know exactly how to communicate with your stakeholders and parent community.

  • Imagine if you could know how to get the best out of your team so they all had a common vision

  • Imagine leading and inspiring your setting to achieve that “Outstanding” with OFSTED and keep it there

  • Imagine being able to attend a training that builds on your skills as a teacher or practitioner to inspire children in your class to perform

  • Imagine running relevant staff training  that really makes a difference


Whether you are a leader, manager or just want to improve communication within your environment, then DISC profiling is for you.  DISC is a tool to positively impact team dynamics, so each person has a greater understanding of themselves, their strengths and how they influence and impact the other members of the team.

If you want to be ahead of other settings in your industry and make a difference, then DISC is for you.  Sign up now for your place on a workshop


How do I get started?

As the only UK accredited DISC trainer in the South East working with staff and leadership teams in Schools, Family Centres and Family Practitioners, I offer three ways for you to access the benefits of DISC profiling, both in-house and off-site. Simply click on the links below to find out which is right for you or contact me direct via email


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Contact me for details of my unique School DISC Training Workshops, Leadership Workshops and student awareness and wellbeing sessions.



Who Has Trained With Me?

  • Priors Wood Primary Sch - Ware

  • The Russell Sch, Chorelywood, Herts

    • Yr 6 pupils (transition/resilience)

  • Hertsmere Leisure Business Development Team

  • Ripon Park Nursery - Borehamwood

  • Starjumps Nursery - Potters Bar

  • Starjumps Nursery - Borehamwood

  • Bushey Children's Centre Grp

  • Watford North Children's Centre Grp

  • Leavesden Children's Centre Grp

  • Bedmond School - Kings Langley

  • Hertsmere Schools Partnership

  • St Albans West Partnership

  • Bowmansgreen School - St Albans



  • Hemel West Children's Centre Grp

  • St Albans South Children's Centre Grp

  • St Albans West Children's Centre Grp

  • Hertsmere East Children's Centre Grp

  • Borehamwood Children's Centre Grp

  • Hertsmere Leisure Children's Centres

    • Senior Leadership Team

    • Admin Team

  • Greystar Europe Holdings Ltd

  • Broxbourne West Children's Centre

  • South Watford Children's Centre Grp

  • Oxhey Children's Centre Group

  • Stort Valley and Villages Children's Centre group

  • Monks Walk Secondary School, Welwyn Garden City (SLT only)

  • Little Hands and Little Feet Childen's Centre, Birkhampsted

  • InspireAll Family Centre Services Marketing Department

  • Annual School Needs Expo  (ASNE 2020)

Individual DISC Profiles


An example of a 15 page Personal Profile is available here

Contact me to arrange your own personal profile and 1-1 feedback session

DISC gives you a massive advantage when it comes to relating to people as it highlights the best ways
to communicate, motivate and develop positive relationships both personally and professionally.
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