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Working predominately with Schools, Family Centres, and also corporate clients, Sharon's training style is empowering and thought-provoking.


The wide portfolio of training available is tailored to meet the needs of your business and your staff. Sharon also works with clients to develop bespoke training to meet specific requirements.  Sessions are also offered virtually using Zoom video conferencing


Our DISC packages enable effective communication and relationships, builds greater rapport and inspires colleagues, stakeholders and children.  This leads to an environment where everyone can flourish.


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Schools and Family Centre Training

Natural Flair works in partnership with schools, Family Centres, front-line family practitioners and Local Authorities to provide training and coaching in emotional well-being, nurture groups, nurture group provision, resilience and conflict resolution.  Training supports reflective practice and self-awareness. Offered either as full day training or twilight sessions, both live and also virtually via zoom video conferencing.


We also offer motivational sessions for students too.

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DISC Team Building and Personal Development

Whether you are a leader, manager or just want to improve communication within your environment, then DISC profiling is for you.  DISC is a tool to positively impact team dynamics, so each person has a greater understanding of themselves, their strengths and how they influence and impact the other members of the team.

Natural Flair offers Personal Development Training and Coaching Packages tailored to meet the needs of you, your business and/or your staff.

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Working with Anger and Conflict

A unique workshop designed for teams and individuals wanting to increase their understanding of anger and their ability to deal with conflict and challenging clients.

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