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Saturday Masterclasses

These are charged at £45 per head
Please see our on-line shop for earlybird ticket offers

Understanding and Supporting a Child with Anxiety

This unique and inspiring parenting masterclass develops confidence in understanding anxiety and discusses how to explain the process to children, reduce a child’s stress levels and help children recognise their early warning signs whilst developing safe ways to deal with their anxiety. 

There will also be an opportunity to practice strategies to help children manage anxiety and develop good emotional wellbeing.

Tantrums, Tears and Parenting Tools

This masterclass is offered both as part of our Saturday masterclass series and a 2 hour light bite.  It has been developed by Sharon Lawton who is an award-winning parent coach.


Topics covered include:

  • Understanding what temperament is and why it’s important to your success in parenting and discipline methods

  • Why we need to understand how feelings drive your child's behaviour

  • Strategies and practical tips on responding to styles of temperament

  • Tantrums and why they happen - managing the meltdowns!

  • Supporting your child to develop emotional regulation

  • Create a toolbox of parenting strategies that are right for your family

  • Look at the keys to positive parenting and a calmer family life

  • Set parenting goals to future proof your success as a parent

What is it with my Teen?

Understanding Teen Behaviour and The Developing Brain

This masterclass is offered both as part of our 3 hour Saturday masterclass series and as a 2 hour litebite.  It aims to explore the key areas of adolescent behaviour and the latest research in neuro-science around the development of the teenage brain.  Topics include:

  • To understand how and why this is a time of major change in your teenager and why that can affect behaviour

  • Research in how the brain grows and develops and why teens are more prone to addiction

  • To understand what motivates teens to do what they do!

  • To look at the behaviour personality types using the DISC profiling model and some of the why behind irritating behaviour

It's OK not to be OK - Talking To Your Child About Mental Health

This session looks at why mental health and wellbeing is so important.  Research shows that we can learn skills to be happier and be aware that the choices we make about our actions, thinking patterns and attitude to life also play a vital role.


Packed full of strategies and ideas, this session will leave you empowered to have discussions with your child and your family to build happiness and ultimate wellbeing.


This session is delivered by Sharon Lawton who is NHS England First Aid Trained and also is the resident family coach on the Chrissy B Show - The UK's only TV show dedicated to mental health and wellbeing.   Sharon is also the ambassador for the #MHDChallenge a mental health project in Schools across Herts.

Don't Shout at Me!

This unique and inspiring half day masterclass allows you to explore the best ways of approaching angry behaviour and develop a calmer family environment

  • Fed Up With Shouting?

  • Are you constantly repeating yourself?

  • Getting into constant power struggles with your child?

  • Are you living with a Diva or a Doorslammer!

  • Do you want tips and strategies to deal with angry children?

  • Want to know how to model and  teach safe ways of expressing anger

The Child Puzzle - What makes my child tick?

(Understanding Personality and Behaviour)

This is a fun and interactive masterclass with a difference.  Not feeling listened to is one of the most common complaints among parents I coach.  Getting your child to do as they are told is also one of the biggest frustrations that we experience as a parent.

Often what we don't understand about other people is what irritates us about them.  Everyone has their own unique personality, understanding what makes your child tick will really start to solve some of the issues around how you click and clash with your child.  I share the secrets to the "child puzzle" using the personality/behaviour model "DISC" - You will leave with the knowledge that will help you understand how your child responds to people, tasks, challenges and relationships.

Raising Self Esteem and Developing Confident Kids

This masterclass is offered both as part of our Saturday masterclass series and a 2 hour light bite.  It has been developed by Sharon Lawton who specialises in self-esteem and resilience coaching as well as research in this particular area. Topics and strategies covered include:

  • Self Esteem and why it's important

  • The difference between self-esteem and confidence

  • Ways to build and model confidence and resilience in our children

  • Tips and strategies to use straight away at home

  • How to recognise and grow your child's strengths

Supporting Stress In Teens and Managing Exam Stress

This masterclass is offered both as part of our Saturday masterclass series and a 2 hour light bite.  It has been developed by Sharon Lawton who specialises  resilience coaching

It aims to explore the key areas of neuro-science around adolescent brain development and why management of stress is critical to brain development and success in life.  

Topics include:

  • Understanding Stress and the impact of stress

  • Building resilience, happiness and success

  • Strategies to use straight away to manage stress and anxious feelings

  • Ways to support and encourage good revision techniques to minimise the impact of stress around exam time

  • Includes strategies and techniques from NHS England Mental Health First Aid

That's It Your Grounded - A Parents' Survival Guide

This masterclass is offered both as part of our Saturday masterclass series and a 2 hour light bite.  It has been developed by Sharon Lawton who is a specialist conflict and relationship coach

As parents we often use strategies like grounding your child and removing privileges, to "teach a lesson." But research shows that kids get preoccupied with the unfairness of the punishment instead of feeling sorry for what they did wrong, leaving us feeling at a loss of what to do next.

Our workshop/talk covers the latest in the psychology of behaviour using the DISC behaviour model and practical parenting strategies to look at how to do things differently to get the result you want​

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