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The Confident Father's Programme

This is a 6 week coaching programme to meet the needs of dads/male carers facing the everyday challenge of parenting. This programme runs as 6 x two hour sessions, focusing on different areas of parenting.  Participants are advised to attend all workshops to achieve maximum benefit.    Between sessions you are encouraged to complete post session tasks to consolidate learning.  The course programme promotes positive parenting and the parent/child relationship. 

I attended the free 'Confident Fathers Programme' in Spring 2018 delivered by Sharon Lawton and Claire Murray at Stansted Abbotts.  I found this course supportive and informative.  Sharon's knowledge and coaching style of delivery was excellent which helped to make a useless bloke into a (hopefully) better Dad in just a few weeks!  Learning to state consequences and choices rather than make threats has really improved our family's relationships.  I think more fathers would benefit from making the time to attend this type of course that was somehow able to cover a wide range of topics in a matter of fact style, whilst also being sensitive to the needs of the group.

Matt Barr - Father, Mar 2018

Buntingford, Herts

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What will be covered each week?

Session 1     The Importance of Dads?

                                    Covering: The goal of parenting, the need for dads, the impact of our

                                    own fathers, our aspirations as dads/male carers, connection not perfection.

Session 2      Dad – The Manager

                                    Covering: Children’s temperaments, Children’s needs, building

                                    emotional security and self esteem/resilience

Session 3      Dad – The Coach

                                    Covering: The importance of time, family life from a distance, the

                                    power of words, recognising children’s feelings and using empathy,

                                    coaching techniques

Session 4      Dad – The Trainer

                                    Covering: What is discipline? Setting the boundaries, why children

                                    misbehave, parenting styles, what is your style of parenting, keys to

                                    positive parenting and child led play

Session 5      Dad – The Team Player

                                   Covering: Dealing with conflict, managing tantrums, recognising and managing

                                   stress.  This session introduces some basic Protective Behaviour strategies.

Session 6      Dad – The Team Player - continued

                                   Covering: - Letting off steam, ages and stages of development, family vision

                                   statement, family traditions - (if relevant to age group discussing IT safety)

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