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Coaching for Success for Teaching Staff and Family Practitioners

Coaching is a powerful tool to heighten and raise awareness to achieve greater performance. It helps people to get the best performance out of themselves by looking at and setting goals and focusing on developing strengths.  


How can someone’s career or leadership qualities benefit from being coached by Natural Flair?

  • Set empowering goals and then set an action plan to reach those goals.

  • Focus you and your business to respond quickly and produce excellent results.

  • Help you to identify and focus on your strengths in order that you can develop to your full potential.

  • Provide the tools, support and structure to accomplish more e.g. managing your time and stress, developing your skills in managing people and resources look at the beliefs that are holding you back and indentify any unconscious sabotaging behaviour.


How Do We Do What We Do?

Using Strengths and DISC profiling to coach in an energising way

Traditional coaching in organisations has historically been about ‘filling gaps’, that is, a concentration on what someone is not good at and where they need to improve.


For instance, research shows that in a typical 60 minute one to one, three quarters of this time is spent on ‘areas to improve’.


We feel this is based on the mistaken philosophy that the best way to improve performance is through the development of weaknesses rather than an understanding that the route to high performance lies in the knowledge, encouragement and use of strengths.    Our approach is focused on strength based coaching.


How does it work?

Using a strength based coaching approach using DISC profiling and strength cards, people will firstly gain a personal insight into their own strengths and then understand how to apply and utilise this learning within their working environment and leadership style. Specifically this will cover:


  • Recognising and identifying your personal strengths;

  • Exploring your strengths and how they serve you in life;

  • Applying your strengths every day and becoming creative in their application;

  • Developing your lower strengths and extending your strength’s reach

  • Understand your ingrained fears and motivators

  • Your management style

  • Discover you personality goals and personal growth areas.


The strength cards used during our coaching for success programmes are derived from the VIA (Values-In-Action) Classification from the scientific field of positive psychology. The classification resulted from a three-year dedicated effort involving 55 noted social scientists, who identified 24 character strengths that have been found to be universal – characteristics that define what’s best about people.


Coaching To Shape Outstanding Leaders

Underpinning the success of every organisation is outstanding leadership. And whilst debate continues as to how leaders become outstanding, we follow the philosophy that leaders develop through example (the role models you choose); from experience (how you learn from what you do) and from education (the training and coaching you receive and the books you read).


According to a report last year from The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, stress is the top cause of workplace sickness in the 21st century. Your team has a massive impact on your bottom line and the success of your business. By investing our Coaching For Success Programme you are investing in your biggest business asset – You and your staff.


All coaching programmes include the psychometric assessment tool DISC which will give you unique insight to you or your team’s personality styles and what the fears, management style, personality goals and personal growth areas are for each.  Each person being coached will receive an individual 17 page profile. 


DISC Personality Profiling is recommended by James Caan of Dragons' Den who states "DISC gives you a massive advantage when it comes to leading, managing and relating to people, because it highlights how best to communicate, motivate and cultivate positive relationships"


Package of 8 x 1-1 bespoke personal coaching for success sessions: includes coaching workbook, DISC Profile and unlimited email support during the programme 

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