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Ask The Coach - Parent Coaching Call

My new "Ask The Coach" service is a one-off parent coaching telephone call for parents/carers to discuss specific parenting issues and talk over areas of difficulty. Book now!


During this pre-scheduled 1 hour coaching call, you will be able to ask me anything you are unsure, worried and having difficulty within your role as a parent.  As an award winning parent coach, I will share practical solutions based on my 10 years of delivering parenting programmes, and where relevant refer you to additional suitable resources that might help such as:


  • books and/or online resources

  • referrals to other experts (where necessary)

  • tried and tested parenting techniques that children respond to positively


I will help you to get clear about what you want as a parent and guide you to take positive action that will benefit you and your family.  After our call you will receive an email from me summarising the points we discussed so you can refer to it whenever you need to. 


What Makes The "Ask The Coach" Coaching Call Unique?

Not everyone wants a full package of 6 coaching sessions, and therefore a one-off call is perfect for your needs.  Chatting issues over with me to gain clarity on specific parenting issues can sometimes be the difference that makes the difference for both you and your family.  I believe that change is always possible, but change starts with us taking responsibility for our lives including our behaviour, communication style and attitudes. My style of coaching very empowering, supportive and thought-provoking. I have a warm and open personality together with a sense of humour that allows you to feel comfortable immediately.


How Much Is It And How Do I Book?

An "Ask The Coach" Parent Coaching Call is £50 for 1 hour. To book an appointment, click here to pay for and reserve your session and send an email with details of your availability to me at


You will then receive an email with details of your scheduled "Ask The Coach" timing and details of payment.


A booking cannot be confirmed without payment. Once payment has been made, your booking is secure and I will be notify you by email. Payment is in advance and by electronic bank transfer or credit card.

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